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Final tour blog: “Will you sign my forehead?”

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The forehead can’t rank higher than seventh on the list of most popular body parts for rock bands to autograph (assuming that breasts count as two separate parts). But for Jews, the keppe is sacred, the font only of education and wisdom, but also the sexuality that never quite emanates from the hips. So we were honored when Andy, a 15 year old at the first of our two D.C. concerts, asked us to sign his forehead. “Good luck with the tumor,” I wrote with a black Sharpie, as his boho parents happily stood nearby. Andy will be 18 by the time that note wears off. (more…)

Tour blog entry 4: Nazi Confuses Comedy Band With Zionist Conspiracy

Well, the Nazis have noticed us. Okay, not lots of Nazis, just one. We were finishing a soundcheck for our San Francisco show at the Great American Music Hall, the sixth of thirteen cities on the Good For The Jews national tour, when the lighting guy shouted, “Well boys, you’ve made the big time. You have a protester outside.” We’re two guys who sing funny and profane songs about being Jewish. Who would protest that? My family’s not impressed, but I don’t think they’d follow me to San Francisco and picket. (more…)

Special message to Jews in Denver

Big thanks to Kim at Kaffeine Buzz for recognizing our genius:

Good For Jews – Saturday, December 15 – Soiled Dove – Denver – Soiled Dove – Denver – 8pm, $15 GA/$22.50 RES
During these politically correct times, it’s refreshing to see a show like Good For The Jews coming to town, with a promise to put the “Ha! In Hannukah.” (more…)

Tour blog entry 3: The Midwest Express

You might assume that the 454.7 mile drive from Cleveland to Milwaukee is boring. And if, as a result of that assumption, you failed to pay attention, then you would not notice the world’s largest fireworks warehouse in Fremont, Indiana, or the Recreational Vehicle Hall of Fame in nearby Elkhart. And you would completely overlook my favorite Wisconsin landmark, the Bong Recreation Area on Route 94W. (more…)

Tour blog entry 2: Second entry in my tour blog

In Cleveland for opening night of the Good For The Jews tour, we check into an Extended Stay Hotel, which we booked through Hotwire for $56 a night. Our room has one queen-sized bed. Switching to a room with twin beds costs us an additional $15 a night. Wi-fi access costs us $5. If we want our room cleaned, that costs $5. Extended Stay seems to be the first a la carte hotel chain. I’m surprised the toilet paper dispenser doesn’t have a coin slot. The next morning, I notice a curly blonde hair on the bar of shower soap, which is weird, because David and I are brunettes. (more…)