Special message to Jews in Denver

Big thanks to Kim at Kaffeine Buzz for recognizing our genius:

Good For Jews – Saturday, December 15 – Soiled Dove – Denver – Soiled Dove – Denver – 8pm, $15 GA/$22.50 RES
During these politically correct times, it’s refreshing to see a show like Good For The Jews coming to town, with a promise to put the “Ha! In Hannukah.”

Comedy is best served fresh with a large dose of sarcasm, and the duo Rob Tannenbaum and David Fagin obviously take joy not only in taking pokes at themselves, but on their song, “It’s Good to Be a Jew at Christmas,” the Christians as well, “It’s clear that we’re the chosen ones/We got eight nights and you got just one.” And on “Let’s Eat,” they show their gratitude to Moses for saving them from bondage, “’cause S&M has never been our thing.”

With a home base in New York, the praises are high from east to west. Tannenbaum is a pro at the game of song and comedy, with his VH1 show “What I Like About Jew” and music editor position at Blender Magazine, a bikini clad Maxim version of a music magazine. Fagin is the leader of the rock group, The Rosenbergs, which is known for their sunshine smile indie pop which have made appearances on Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill and Queer Eye.

The two are currently on a 13 city tour through the U.S., arriving in Denver on Saturday, December 15, on the “12th night of Hanukkah.” Get it? Now, if the Soiled Dove plans to serve up some authentically prepared latkes, this show is bound to be a winner. www.myspace.com/goodforthejews
-Kim Owens

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