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Ron Paul: endorsed by the Association of Online Anti-Semites?

I have a Google alert set up for the phrase “Good For The Jews,” so I’ll know when a newspaper or blogger has written about our music. Sometimes, the alert brings me to a reference that has nothing to do with the band — lately, it’s often brought me to a discussion of whether a political candidate is or is not “good for the jews.” (more…)

In which Rob appears “like a weird angel” in a total stranger’s dream

Matthue Roth, whom I don’t think I’ve ever met, posted on today that a) he doesn’t really like our music, b) we’re nice guys, c) we do too many songs about circumcision, d) he’s jealous of us, and e) he had a dream about me.

Read it here:

I’m thinking of writing a comment to his post. But aside from saying that c) we don’t have any songs about circumcision in our set, and b) we’re really not all that nice, I’m not sure what to say. Any ideas?

What’s a Rabbi to do with the Rob Tannenbaums of the world?

That, believe it or not, was the title of a blog entry today: “What’s a Rabbi to do with the Rob Tannenbaums of the world?”

You can read it yourself, at

Now, I know what a priest would do. But a rabbi? I was expecting a lecture, to be blunt — no matter how many times rabbis endorse what we do, or invite us to perform at their synagogues, I still think we’re one song away from being yanked by the ear. But this rabbi’s thoughts, even though he doesn’t seem to have ever heard our music, were far more provocative, and I agree with his central premise: inclusion suits our religion.