Ron Paul: endorsed by the Association of Online Anti-Semites?

I have a Google alert set up for the phrase “Good For The Jews,” so I’ll know when a newspaper or blogger has written about our music. Sometimes, the alert brings me to a reference that has nothing to do with the band — lately, it’s often brought me to a discussion of whether a political candidate is or is not “good for the jews.”

Today, a news alert brought me to a blogspot I’m not going to name, because I don’t want to support it by directing traffic there–with only 2,123 lifetime pageviews, it seems pretty marginal. Much of the content consists of routine “Jewish-conspiracy” monitoring: ESPN did not fire (Jewish!) reporter Dana Jacobson for her anti-Catholic jokes during a roast, which proves the Jewish conspiracy; the “AmeriKan MSM” is clearly “pro-Jew,” “Zionist-controlled” and exists solely “to PUSH the ZIONIST AGENDA!” (Caps and exclamation point from the original source!) There are also links to Holocaust denial sites, and a post called something like “Every Retard Is Jewish.”

Okay, so the blogger in question doesn’t like Jews, or the mainstream media, or the (Jewish!) neo-cons who conspired with Mossad to create 9/11 while protecting (Jewish-owned!) buildings near the World Trade Center. Oh, and he also doesn’t really care for Dana Jacobson, except maybe in that secret I’d-love-to-hate-fuck-her-in-an-alley way. Most of us can relate to that. I used to feel the same way about Amy Grant, around the time of “Baby Baby.”

But the blogger in question isn’t full of only hatred and contemptuous sexual desire expressed as hatred. There is also love. Specifically, love for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, our blogger proclaims, is such a great and inspiring candidate that he provokes fear. The kind of fear that leads to conspiracy. The kind of conspiracy that can only be undertaken by Jews. Hence, this blog headline: Zionist Propaganda: Ignoring Ron Paul.

Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency is lagging, it’s argued, only because (Jewish!) editors and (Jewish!) publishers and (Jewish!) newscasters–like Brian Williams and Katie Couric and, uh, whoever the fuck does the evening news on ABC these days– anyway, the Jews are cock-blocking Ron Paul with their CirKumcised AmeriKan Konspiracies.

Don’t believe it? The numbers, unlike Jews, don’t lie. Ron Paul got four percent of the vote in the South Carolina primary, only half of the eight percent he logged 11 days earlier in New Hampshire. The South Karolina media? Run by Jews! Q.E.D. They ignored Paul’s candidacy so cannily, they even eroded his support by half. They are in thrall to Jew-pandering presidential DemoKratiK Kandidates, like that female lesbian and that black Muslim. From the Beaufort Gazette to the Hilton Head Island Packet, these S.C. rags are deep in the pocket of AIPAC!

But Jews in South Carolina comprise only 0.3 percent of the population, you explain. That’s a miniscule number, you scoff. Yes, but when those 11,225 Jews conspire with one another to brain-wash the South Carolina electorate, what possible chance do the other 4,243,858 non-Jews have?

Last May, in the New York Sun, Ryan Sager called Paul an “anti-Semite” because Paul had said, “By far the most powerful lobby in Washington of the bad sort is the Israeli government.” Sager later apologized for his “overly harsh” accusation. Every political Kampaign has its own set of Kode words, and when you refer derisively to “the Israeli lobby” while running for President, you can’t be surprised when reporters sift through your record for other winking allusions. I’m not saying Ron Paul is an anti-Semite. But in the online world, anti-Semites do seem to like Ron Paul.

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