What the hell are you Jews doing???

That is a question we’ve been asked a lot lately: “What the hell is up with the band?”

We’re recently back from the Leeds International Jewish Performing Arts Festival*** where we played two soldout shows and, at the festival’s request, even added a third. Rob triumphed over jet lag; David ate the world’s greatest shwarma sandwich. Marc Salem, the mind-reader who did a Broadway show, caught one of our sets and told us how much he liked it. Can you guess what I’m thinking right now, Marc?

So right now, we’re making Big Plans. We’ll be in Houston in September, in Kansas City in November, and then our traditional Putting the Ha! in Hanukkah tour throughout December. For 2009, we’ve already booked shows in Providence and at the D.C. JCC.

***Couldn’t you have come up with a more catchy festival name, Leeds? Maybe “JewFest”? It’s probably not taken yet. Or even LeedsInt JewPerfArtsFest. Just something that would fit on a t-shirt.

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