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Metromix LA says GFTJ are “Eight times as awesome”

The raves are starting to come for our 7-city “Putting the Ha! in Hanukkah” tour. Today, we got this from Metromix LA: (more…)

We Have Posted a New Song

Hold on to your yarmulkes and your tefillin: Good For The Jews have posted a new song.

It’s called “Goin’ Down To Boca,” and Rob and David recorded it in Hoboken, NJ with our skillful and patient friend Tom Beaujour, at his fine recording studio. As always, we’re open to your opinions, as long as they are gushing or positive.

As you’ll also see, we’ve announced the dates of our annual “Putting the Ha! in Hanukkah” tour, starting December 21, which extensive research tells us is the first night of Hanukkah.