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What are you doing Christmas? Christmas Eve?



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Want to buy tickets? Sure you do! So click on the link already.


Once again (and maybe forever) it’s Xmas Eve in D.C.

Hello Jews and Jew-lovers!

On Wednesday, December 24, 2014, Good For The Jews will return to one of their favorite clubs: Jammin Java in Vienna, Virginia, conveniently located just miles away from Washington, D.C.

Doors open at 6, the show starts promptly at 7:30 pm. You can get more information right here.

Yes, we will be playing all our big hits!

Jammin Java
227 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, VA 22180

Come hang out with us. It’s not like you have anything better to do.


Ham - delicious for Chanukah


Or, listen to our songs, absolutely free. No hidden costs. Seriously. Would we lie?

Christmas Eve for Jews (and their friends) in D.C. 2013


Do you live in D.C. or N. Virginia? Do you know people who do? Come spend Christmas Eve with the Jews*.

Once again this year, Good For the Jews is traveling to Jammin Java in Vienna, Virginia, to play a Christmas Eve concert. It’s better than sitting at home and watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” for the 1,000th time. We’re a helluva lot funnier than Henry F. Potter,  I promise you.

The show is December 24th, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20. You can buy them by calling (703) 255-1566, or by going to the Jammin Java website.

See you there!


*Yes, non-Jews are allowed to attend. But they have to pay double**.

**Not really.



"We Got You a Dreidel"

XMAS EVE IN D.C. (or thereabouts)


Once again this year, the good folks at Jammin Java have invited us to perform at their club on Christmas Eve (a/k/a the Worst Night of the Year To Be a Jew). This is now a tradition! What is this, our fifth year in a row there? Our fiftieth? Probably somewhere in between.

If you live in D.C. or the Northern Virginia area, please come celebrate with us on December 24th. We promise, it beats staying home and watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” yet again.

Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave in East Vienna, Virginia 22180
December 24, 2012 at 7 pm / $20 tickets
Call them at (703) 255-1566 with your annoying questions

Link to the Jammin Java website: here

Rob and David will sing all their hits songs, including “They Tried To Kill Us, We Survived, Let’s Eat,” “It’s Good To Be A Jew At Christmas,” “Goin’ Down To Boca,” “Reuben the Hook-Nosed Reindeer,” and MORE!