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What the hell are you Jews doing???

That is a question we’ve been asked a lot lately: “What the hell is up with the band?”

We’re recently back from the Leeds International Jewish Performing Arts Festival*** where we played two soldout shows and, at the festival’s request, even added a third. Rob triumphed over jet lag; David ate the world’s greatest shwarma sandwich. Marc Salem, the mind-reader who did a Broadway show, caught one of our sets and told us how much he liked it. Can you guess what I’m thinking right now, Marc?

So right now, we’re making Big Plans. We’ll be in Houston in September, in Kansas City in November, and then our traditional Putting the Ha! in Hanukkah tour throughout December. For 2009, we’ve already booked shows in Providence and at the D.C. JCC.

***Couldn’t you have come up with a more catchy festival name, Leeds? Maybe “JewFest”? It’s probably not taken yet. Or even LeedsInt JewPerfArtsFest. Just something that would fit on a t-shirt.

Jews are going to England

Good For The Jews will be making their U.K. debut this month, performing at the Leeds Jewish International Performing Arts Festival.

Monday, July 14, 7 pm
Tuesday, July 15, 9 pm
Tickets: £7
Call 0113 224 3801 for ticket info.

Venue: Carriageworks, Millenium Square
Leeds, England LS2 3AD

Please spread the word! We know Leeds has a Jewish arts festival, but we’re not certain Leeds has any Jews.

Latest piece of Good For The Jews fan mail

A week or so ago, in response to our email announcement about the concert in D.C. this week, we received the following communication from

Your show was sophomoric and embarrassing in Seattle, I hope you have made some improvements.

Since our email list is voluntary, I wondered why had signed up to be contacted by us, despite having clearly quite disliked the show. I decided this person was either a masochist, who liked being reminded of painful experiences, or a sadist, who enjoyed the role of a scolding schoolmarm. I mean, to call our show sophomoric is just such an error of–oh wait, we are sophomoric. But since we like it that way, why would we make any sort of “improvements”?

My reply to Comivez: (more…)

Washington Post thinks Jews are “irreverent and lively”

In the Weekend section of today’s Washington Post, Curt Fields picks the Good For The Jews show on Tuesday night at Jammin’ Java as one of the week’s best D.C. concerts:

The irreverent and lively humor of Good for the Jews comes to Jammin’ Java (703-255-1566) along with the Alexandria Kleztet.

See it at

Thanks, Curt! But you forgot to use the world “hilarious.”

Ron Paul: endorsed by the Association of Online Anti-Semites?

I have a Google alert set up for the phrase “Good For The Jews,” so I’ll know when a newspaper or blogger has written about our music. Sometimes, the alert brings me to a reference that has nothing to do with the band — lately, it’s often brought me to a discussion of whether a political candidate is or is not “good for the jews.” (more…)