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New York Magazine

Rob Tannenbaum, the snarky mastermind of What I Like About Jew, has a cutting new band that makes Adam Sandler sound like an altar boy.

Baltimore Jewish Times

This is not your father’s Judaism: Funny, loud, over-the-top. Jews with an edge, and proud of it.

The New York Times


Chicago Jewish News

Appeals to the same type of young-adult audience that eats up performers like Jon Stewart and Sarah Silverman.

Boston Phoenix

Irresistibly tasteless. Rob Tannenbaum and David Fagin keep the snark level high and try to out-Borat Borat.

Washington City Paper

Even more rocking than What I Like About Jew. Offers even the most uptight Presbyterians the opportunity to share in the joys of the kosher experience.

Washington Post

Somewhere, Debbie Friedman is blushing.

Village Voice

A pair of razor-sharp Hebraic wiseacres riff on the tragic-comedic plight—or is it privilege?—of being a member of the tribe.